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Four Misunderstandings of Enterprises in the Construction of Marketing

Currently, many enterprises are starting to build marketing websites in order to transfer offline business to online development and gain broader market space. However, for traditional enterprises, due to a lack of understanding of websites, there are often many misunderstandings in the process of creating websites, which can lead to a decrease in website quality and ultimately hinder the development path of the enterprise. In view of this, we have summarized four common misconceptions that enterprises have when building websites, and share them with everyone. We hope that everyone can take them seriously and make timely corrections.

The purpose of website construction is unclear

Most companies do not go through detailed thinking or have clear goals before creating websites. Pure fragmentation is created to follow the trend and follow the trend. If we just create a website like this, it will lead to unclear purposes of the website, such as marketing corporate products, promoting corporate brand image, or engaging in e-commerce. Without a purpose, website creation work lacks focus and direction, so even if the website is created, it will still be a website without any practical significance or effectiveness. Therefore, before creating a website, enterprises must clarify its purpose and develop a detailed plan.

The quality of website construction is very poor

At present, the threshold for website construction is very low. Even those who do not understand technology can easily create a website, and the cost is also very low. Many companies choose this low-cost website construction method precisely for the sake of cheap prices. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and the low price naturally leads to low website quality. However, if a website has low quality, its aesthetics, relevance, and effectiveness will naturally be poor. From the perspective of users, they will definitely choose a better website instead of a worse one. So when building a website, enterprises should first consider quality, not price.

Lack of attention to promotion

As for the current corporate websites, the vast majority of them are not promoted, and these companies assume that once the website is launched, users will come to visit and purchase their products. However, in the end, the website was completely ignored. In fact, a high-quality website not only requires meticulous craftsmanship during the production process, but also requires persistent promotion in the later stages. Only in this way can it continuously accumulate more loyal users for the enterprise and bring more transaction rates to the enterprise. A website without promotion will inevitably result in failure. So, enterprises must pay enough attention to promotion in order to achieve better results on the website.

Not caring about the user experience effect

User experience is the key to the success or failure of a website. Only a website with a good user experience will be recognized by users after use, willing to become loyal users and achieve transactions. However, websites with poor user experience often feel very bad and awkward to use, leading to early closure of the website and subsequent failure. If a website wants to achieve good results, it cannot do without user support, and the prerequisite for user support is to ensure that its user experience is excellent enough. So only by valuing website user experience can enterprises make their website deeply loved by users.

For the above four misunderstandings, many companies actually have them. However, for websites, if one of them is misunderstood, it can lead to website problems, reduce its effectiveness, and ultimately cause losses to the company's profits. Therefore, it is recommended that before creating a website, everyone must fully recognize the problems and correct their mindset and cognition in a timely manner. Then, they can create a website to ensure the smooth progress of the website production work and the best guarantee of website quality. Only in this way can the website ultimately bring immeasurable value to the enterprise.